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About Us

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Toys for the New Generation! I Spy Tank is our brand but also the very first advanced toy we introduced to the market.
Since then we have continuously added more exciting products from fast running Ipad controlled monster trucks to advanced GPS controlled multirotor flying machines.
Our aim is to introduce a new generation of toys with cool functions and features.

Our Products 

We divide our products in to 2 categories:
1. In-house development. We like to turn imagination in to products. That is why we develop some of the most strange products out there. But they are great fun. We develop those in-house with our quality and manufacturing experience from automotive and aero industry. Stay tuned for our next crazy project!
2.  Partner developed products. All though we hate to admit it - other people have good ideas too! There are a few really good products out there and we will like to bring them to our customers. That is why we cooperate with some awesome companies that shares our vision of great products with great quality.

Our Company

We are located in Scandinavia, Sweden (no we don’t have Polar Bears on the streets) on the west coast in the beautiful city of Lysekil (no not Santa Claus either).
Lysekils Diversehandel
Smedgatan 8
SE-45334 Lysekil
Org no: SE661230-4839
Telephone: +46 722 81 11 11